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MT QSO Party

  1. 2017 Montana QSO Party Participation Certificate

    MTQP Participation Certificate.

    Live, Non-Sample Certificate, will be uploaded once QSO Party begins.

    If you want to print the certificate on your home printer, click on the certificate to fill in Name and Callsign, and then print to your personal printer. Adobe Reader or similar must be used in order to recognize the fill-able fields.

    If you want to print a very professional looking certificate, copy the Participation Certificate pdf file to a flash drive, take it to your local printing store, have them open the pdf file on one of their machines and then insert your call sign and name into the document. Then print in color on parchment paper of your choice. They look GREAT printed on professional color laser printer equipment and stock!

  2. 2017 Montana QSO Party Rules

    Rules and Information for the 2017 MT QSO Party.

  3. Montana Counties List

    Montana Counties list in pdf format

  4. Sample setup of GenLog for MT QSO Party

    Getting ready for MT QSO Party I needed some logging software to keep track of my QSOs and generate my Cabrillo and Summary
    Files to submit after the contest.

    I wanted something small / quick / and relatively easy to use.

    For that I chose the GenLog program.

    Attached is a quick overview of how I set it up on my PC in order to get it working.

    Take it as it is as I really quickly threw it together and hope it will help others.

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