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Frequency PL Tone Description
145.250(-) 100hz West Glacier, Yaesu System Fusion, [W7YP]
146.760(-) 100hz Blacktail Mountain near Lakeside, (El. 6,662ft) [K7LYY]
147.180(+) 100hz Blacktail Mountain - MRLA [K7LYY]
147.380(+) 100hz Sandy Hill, between Whitefish and C. Falls, El. 3,085ft [K7LYY]
145.270(-) 100hz Big Mountain, North of Whitefish, El. 6,825ft
146.740(-) 100hz Creston, Often linked to Helena, MT [NW7RG]
146.860(-) 100hz Blacktail Mountain near Lakeside (El. 6,662ft) [W7ZKA]
147.220(+) 123hz Blacktail Mountain near Lakeside (El. 6,662ft) [N7LT]
147.260(+) 100hz Werner Peak, 25 miles N of Whitefish, El. 6,970ft [WR7DW]
145.310(-) 100hz Meadow Peak, MT North of Happy's Inn, 50 miles West of Kalispell El. 6,635ft KE7DTL
147.340(+) 100hz Pinkham Mountain, [K7LBY]
145.390(-) 100hz Eureka
146.820(-) 88.5hz Blue Mountain, MT, NE of Libby, El. 6,010ft
146.840(-) King Mountain, MT, Between Libby and Troy, El. 5,788ft [K7LBY]
146.290(s) 100hz Libby
147.120(+) 103.5hz Point 6, Missoula [W1KGK}
147.040(+) Missoula
146.900(-) 88.5hz Missoula
145.330(-) Noxon
147.140(+) 103.5hz Pats Knob, MT near Plains El. 6,820ft, SW of Plains, MT [K7KTR]
146.640(-) 100hz Pats Knob, MT near Plains El. 6,820ft, SW of Plains, MT [N7LT]
145.350(-) 100hz Polson
146.680(-) Thompson Falls, MT [W1KGK]
224.980(-) 123hz Creston, MT Linked to 444.925 [NE7AL]
444.325(+) 100hz DMR ID 313019, Big Fork, MT [NE7AL] TS1=MPRG1, TS2=NW7RG
446.400(s) 100hz IRLP Node #7430 simplex, Buffalo Hill, Kalispell K7LYY
146.400(s) 118.8hz IRLP Node #7884 simplex, West Valley, Kalispell KD0CST
444.975(+) 100hz Big Mountain, North of Whitefish
447.500 (-) 100hz West Glacier Park, DMR ID 312489 Mixed Mode [W7YP] TS1=MPRG1 & NW7RG, TS2=Montana Statewide
444.625(+) 123hz Big Mtn [NE7AL] 10 watts
442.625(+) 100hz IRLP Node #7068, [NW7RG/R], Lakeside
444.925(+) 123hz Creston, MT Linked to 224.980 [NE7AL]
444.250(+) 100hz Pinkham Mountain (20 miles NW of Whitefish)
443.775(+) 100hz Sandy Hill, El. 3,085ft (Between Whitefish and C.Falls)
444.900(+) 100hz Blacktail Mountain, El. 6,673ft [N7LT]
444.650(+) 100hz Werner Peak (15 miles N of Whitefish) [WR7DW]
146.900(-) K6KUS DMR ID 312453, Whitefish, TS1=MPRG1; TS2=NW7RG
162.550 NOAA Weather, Blacktail Mountain


Here are a copies of KI7XF, Harley's Montana repeater maps - VHF & UHF Versions

MT Repeater Map VHF MT Repeater Map UHF

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