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BASIC - These are on-line courses that all operators should consider taking. They provide a introduction to the standards used to manage incident response.

IS-100, Introduction to Incident Command System

IS-700, National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction

INTERMEDIATE - These are courses, both on-line and classroom that all operators should consider, but most especially ARES Emergency Coordinators and Assistant Emergency Coordinators.

IS-200, ICS for Single Resources & Initial Incidents

IS-800, National Response Framework, An Introduction

AUXCOMM - This workshop is designed for those auxiliary emergency communicators and groups who volunteer to provide backup emergency radio communications support to public safety and emergency response professionals and their agencies. Typically this includes amateur radio and Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams (REACT) communicators but may include other volunteer emergency communicators.

The course focuses on auxiliary communications interoperability, the relationship between the COML and the volunteer, emergency operation center etiquette, on-the-air etiquette, FCC rules and regulations, auxiliary communications training and planning, certi&cation and accreditation, and emergency communications deployment. It is intended to supplement and standardize an operator’s experience and knowledge of emergency amateur radio communications in a public safety context.

For more information, please see the attachment below. If you are interested in taking AUXCOMM, please contact KF7BA at If we can get 10 operators interested in taking this course, there is a possibility of having it presented in Kalispell. Please note that prerequisites apply.

ADVANCED - Advanced training is intended for Emergency Coordinators or operators who are interested in participating in actual or exercise incidents in the communications role. These courses are mostly classroom oriented. Prerequisites apply. Two such classes are listed below. In addition, the Communications Technician (COMT) and Communications Unit Leader (COML) are occasionally offered by the Department of Homeland Security. If you are interested in either of these classes, please contact the Montana Department of Emergency Services for further information.

ICS 300, Intermediate ICS for Exapanding Incidents

ICS 400, Advanced ICS

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